Entertainers and speakers for entertainment at your next conference, event or function

Entertainers and Speakers

The Show must go on and so it will. Let us assist you in putting together and adding some exciting entertainment, entertainer or speaker into the planning of your next function, conference or event.

Terra Da Soul will assist you to bring excitement into your next event. Engage and impress your audience with a qualified speaker, entertainer or entertainment services. From conference speakers, MC's and hosts, to comedians and musicians, dancers, DJs, bands, and so much more. So, no matter what your function, event or conference calls for there's an entertainer for you.

MC's (Master of Ceremonies)

Depending on your conference, event of function, there are speeches that have to be made, people to thank and guests to honour. Public speaking often goes hand in hand with an important function. If your legs turn to jelly at the thought of speaking publically, then look no further. A MC or host will control the evening from start to finish. Give them the stage, a microphone and an outline of the evenings events and sit back while the MC works his magic.


Do you need someone to indulge your guests with a little inspiration and motivation? or do you need a speaker that specialises in a certain topic or area, such as finance? Whether you're planning a conference or professional event or a celebratory function, we have a list of professional speakers who have the ability to address any crowd with confidence, and win the hearts and minds of your audience, as well getting the message across.


Music makes the world go round. A soothing and inspired piano player, a haunting violinist, drums to set the mood or melodic sounds of a cellist, the tonal notes of a marimba, there is a musician for all types of occasions and venues. Serene and laid back or more upbeat and modern there is a musician that will fit the bill, turning your event or conference into something special.


Whether you're searching for a jazz band, a rock band or a well known cover band, Marula Marketing has got the ultimate band to cater for you and your party needs. A live band has the ability to get your guests involved with personal interaction and set the mood for a party! How about a Rock and Roll band for a Rock and Roll themed party, a band that specialises in the 80's or 90's music? A famous local band? Let us know what you are looking for and we can assist. Please make sure to enquire and book well in advance as bands are popular.


DJs live and breathe music. They understand how to mix songs and how to blend different styles of music for certain effect. A good DJ can sense the mood of the crowd and play the right music at the right time. Liven up the dance floor and give your guests something to get their feet tapping and on that dance floor. Hire a DJ to play the songs people want to hear.


Magic for the corporate conference and event market. All too often we get stuck in the day to day rush of making a living and forget about the magic and inspired dreams we had of making a difference in the world. Magicians are adept at bringing the magic and wonder back into your lives. Bring out the Magic in you, your colleagues and your event with a specialist magician.

Dancing groups

The array of different dance groups is truly astounding. Hollywood, Bollywood or African. Classical, Hip Hop, Tribal, Gumboot, Fire Dancers, Ballet, Irish, Line dancing or Jazz. Depending on your choice of venue and your function or event, a dance performance never fails to amaze and inspire your audience.

Themed event, conference or function

Are you looking for or working on a particular theme? Let us assist you we have an abundance of ideas to give you the edge at your next event. Themed events or interactive themed events can take your function or conference from the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Let us know what it is you are looking for and the type of event, conference or function your are planning. Give us a guideline on your budget and let us bring the entertainment and Magic into your event.

We look forward to being of Service

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Entertainers and speakers for entertainment for your next conference, event or function